At ARC Psychiatry, we use innovative and evidence-based therapies to provide customized care, allowing for the best possible outcomes for you!

Services​ We Offer

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

    • TMS is a safe and proven non-drug treatment for depression. It is a non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment that works by sending magnetic pulses that stimulate neurons in the area of the brain responsible for mood.

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  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

    • ECT sends electrical currents through the brain to intentionally trigger a brief seizure, while under the close care of trained doctors. ECT helps to change brain chemistry that can quickly relieve or reverse symptoms of certain mental illnesses. In fact, ECT is often successful when other treatments are not.

  • Psychological Testing​ and Assessment

    • Psychological tests and assessments are a useful tool to determine or help clarify, a mental health diagnosis and develop a plan for treatment. At ARC Psychiatry, we test for:

      • IQ

      • Cognitive Functioning (i.e., memory, attention, language, executive functioning, visuospatial skills)

      • Learning problems/attention deficits

      • Determination of eligibility for academic accommodations

      • Memory problems/dementia/neurocognitive disorders

      • Decision-making capacity

      • Functional competence/ability to live independently

      • Differential diagnosis/treatment planning


  • Medication Management

    • Medication Management helps to ensure you are receiving optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications you are taking. Our providers will review your current medications, along with their dosage, to see if any adjustments should be made.

  • Performance Anxiety in Athletes

    • Sports-related anxiety and stress can negatively impact performance in practices, games and competitions, in addition to the recovery process following injuries. Treatment includes identifying and challenging anxiety-provoking and self-doubting thoughts, learning and practicing relaxation strategies, and visualization exercises to decrease anxiety, improve self-confidence and optimize performance.


  • Counseling

    • In a collaborative setting, you and a counselor will work together to reach optimal mental health by identifying goals and solutions to problems; improving communication and coping skills; and strengthening self-esteem.

  • Genetic Testing​

    • Genetic testing analyzes how your genes respond to medications. The developed report gives your provider information about which medications may not deliver the best results for you based on your DNA.

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  • Functional Medicine

    • Functional Medicine is a holistic, patient-centered approach that focuses on fixing the root cause of an illness by looking at your interaction between nutrients and your genes, lifestyle, and environment.​

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ARC Psychiatry is a member of Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance, one of the largest clinically integrated networks in the nation.